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The official website of Anita's Theatre, a premiere live music and theatre venue, nestled in the beautiful town of Thirroul, close to the major centres of Sydney and Wollongong.

Anita's Theatre is a premier live music and theatre venue, nestled in the beautiful town of Thirroul, close to the major centres of Sydney and Wollongong.

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Astronomy Class ft. Srey Channthy & Joelistics

Price: $20
Bar Foyer
All Ages Event

Elefant Traks, Wildfire Agency and Premier Artists present BLUE SUNRISE:

Labelmates Joelistics and Astronomy Class come together on a double bill to showcase songs from their acclaimed albums Blue Volume and Mekong Delta Sunrise. With special guests Srey Channthy (The Cambodian Space Project) and Vida Sunshyne, the shows will be unmissable.

Astronomy Class, featuring The Herd's Ozi Batla and producers Chasm and Sir Robbo, have been making waves since their debut album Exit Strategy in 2006. Musical journeymen, over the course of three albums they have navigated dub and reggae, Motown and soul, and now, with their latest offering, 50s and 60s Cambodian rock 'n' roll. ARIA nominated Mekong Delta Sunrise is a tribute to the ecstatic music of pre-Khmer Rouge Cambodia, ably guided by the amazing Srey Channthy.

The band's live show has won accolades recently at WOMAD and supporting Thundamentals on a national tour last year. Bass heavy breaks and intriguing samples provide the backdrop for Ozi Batla's effortless storytelling. 

Joelistics' great gift is the crafting of common language into evocative turns of phrase. As a rapper, writer, spoken word artist, multi-instrumentalist and producer he is recognised as a unique voice in the Australian music scene since bursting onto the scene with seminal alt-rap group TZU in 2002.

His solo songwriting navigates the ambiguous spaces between heated polemic, sweet serenade and psychedelic meanderings without the audience ever losing a sense of who they are listening to. It is a rare gift, and one that is flawlessly translated in to his live performances. His 2014 album Blue Volume is alternately melancholic and raucous, introspective and ecstatic, drawing on ë80s-era post punk, ë90s grunge and golden era hip hop. It is a bold and vulnerable offering and sees Joelistics in his elementósifting through the chaos to find beauty in the discord in the way that only he can.

Srey Channthy, lead singer of renowned psychedelic rock group The Cambodian Space Project, is a leading light in the current Khmer music revival. With an ethereal voice that harks back to greats such as Pan Ron and Ros Sereysothea, Channthy is a captivating presence on stage. In 2012, she collaborated with Astronomy Class on their latest album Mekong Delta Sunrise.

A long time Astronomy Class collaborator, the enigmatic Vida Sunshyne has established herself as a highly recognised international and local cultural identity and is a fine example of first generation Ghanaian/Australian talent. Known for her explosive stage presence and unmatched ability as a singer and MC, Vida is a truly unique talent and a shining light in reggae, hip hop and grime culture.